OMG - They Almost Hired Her!

Criminal Backgrounds & Drug Tests are NOT enough!

Just because someone does NOT have a criminal background and does NOT use drugs does NOT mean she or he does NOT have a criminal mind. After all, good criminals haven't been caught yet!

FIND OUT what we found when we looked at the handwriting of the applicant they were going to hire!

Anyone can interview well BUT...

Do YOU want to be the next statistic?

NEVER ONCE has a company or Human Resource Professional been sued for using forensic handwriting analysis in employment practices. 

FEDERAL LAW protects the science of forensic handwriting stating it is "public information" like facial expressions and body language.

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What others have been saying about this course:

Angela McGowen

Short but Powerful

As a member of the Society of Human Resource Managements I am going to suggest we bring this training to our annual conference. It only took about 10 minutes to complete the course but it was extremely thought provoking. We almost had a murder-sui...

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